How to prepare

Whether you've been asked to complete a psychometric assessment as part of a job application, or for your professional development at work, the key to success is preparation.

Practice improves performance: ability tests

Putting time into practising the kinds of questions you may face in ability tests is the best way of maximising your performance and boosting your confidence.

Try developing your reasoning skills via online practice tests, such as our own Elements practice ability tests. You could also work through relevant mathematics or language quizzes to improve your speed and accuracy for numerical and verbal reasoning tests, or try completing logic puzzles to improve your logical reasoning ability.

Be yourself: personality questionnaires

The beauty about personality questionnaires is that there are no right or wrong answers as it's all about your own personal preferences. Just approach the questionnaire with an open mind, think about the question/statement carefully and respond openly and honestly.

Top tips for assessment day

Read our top tips for assessment day to make sure you're ready to sit your psychometric assessment(s).

There's more to recruitment than psychometrics

We know that there's more to recruitment than just completing psychometric assessments, so we've put together some additional guidance on the different stages of the recruitment process.