Competency-based screening questionnaires measure your behavioral preferences at work in relation to the most relevant competencies for the job, and can help identify those candidates who are most suitable for the role.  

You may have been asked to complete this as part of a multi-method assessment process, or as a stand-alone assessment called Aspects Styles.

How does it work?

Our competency-based questionnaire is completed online via our assessment system, and includes a series of statements about behaviour at work. Your task is to rate each statement, indicating how true the statement is about your behaviour at work, or in other relevant situations.

The statements are grouped into blocks of four. In each block, you are asked to rate each statement on a scale indicating whether the statement is 'completely untrue' to 'very true' of your behaviour. You can respond to the statements within a block in any order, and change a rating by clicking on another option.

In each group of statements, you should avoid giving the same rating to more than one statement. If you do give the same rating to several statements you are then asked to put these in rank order.

Once you have moved on to a new block, you are not able to return to a previous one. There is no time limit for the questionnaire but you are encouraged to give your immediate responses.

The questionnaire normally takes around eight minutes to complete.


Following completion of the assessment, it is up to the discretion of the recruiter, hiring organization or your employer as to what feedback they will provide on your performance. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback though as even if your application is not successful, any feedback you can get may help in future situations.