Motivations questionnaires focus on your values and what drives you in the workplace. The purpose is to measure the factors that help stimulate and energise you in your daily working lives.

How does it work?

The questionnaire includes a series of statements about motivation at work. Your task is to rate each statement, indicating how important it is to you personally at work.

The statements are grouped into blocks of four. In each block, you are asked to rate each statement on a scale indicating whether the statement is 'Not important’ to 'Extremely important' to you at work. 

In each group of statements, you should avoid giving the same rating to more than one statement. If you do give the same rating to several statements you are then asked to put these in rank order.

The motivations questionnaire typically takes around 30 minutes to complete.


Following completion of the assessment, you should receive feedback from the recruiter, hiring organization or your employer. Even if it isn't initially offered, don't be afraid to ask for feedback as this will enable you to discuss what the questionnaire measures, your questionnaire responses and how it all applies to your day-to-day work.