About psychometrics

Psychometric assessment grew in popularity throughout the 20th century, as a way for organisations to measure a candidate’s suitability for a role, in a scientific and unbiased way. In recent years, test providers have been developing assessments that are more engaging for applicants, and provide more insight in to the role and organisation. 

Why organisations use psychometric assessments

For recruitment and selection

Many employers use psychometric assessments to help them identify the right person for the job. The assessments provide an independent measure of your competencies, abilities, personality and motivation. This enables an employer to build a complete picture of you and assess your suitability for a role in an objective manner.

Assessments are often used as one part of a multi-stage recruitment process, alongside application forms/CVs, assessment centre exercises and interviews.

For development

You may be asked to complete psychometric assessments as part of your appraisal review or a learning and development programme. By completing these assessments, you can gain valuable insight into your strengths and development areas. This can help drive further training and development plans.